Octal FM episodes are concise dives into topics like talking to robots, visiting Japan, making coffee, diversity in tech and why Nintendo is awesome.

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We've released 31 episodes about Technology:

126: Web-based games

In this episode of Octal FM we take a trip down a rather niche section of memory lane to discuss web and browser-based online games, both singleplayer and multiplayer.

122: Decentralised Communication

WhatsApp is in trouble. But is Signal the answer? We take a technology deep-dive into the world of decentralised communication to discuss why it might be the true alternative approach to single organisations owning all our communication and social media, as well as some of the limitations.

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Sound-byte 070: WhatsApp & your data

Sound-bytes are our shorter episodes about what we’ve been up to recently. WhatsApp has been making headlines with its updated privacy policy. Jalada tells us a bit more about it, and what the future holds for privacy-focused communication.

107: Video Conferencing

In this episode we discuss the past, present & future of video conferencing, including our hot-take (known to be pretty accurate in the past) on what we think the future holds for communicating in a world of 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, and that ever increasing march of faster Internet connections.

Sound-byte 057: The Great Twitter Hack

Sound-bytes are our shorter episodes about what we’ve been up to recently. Jalada has been following the recent massive Twitter hack, and tells Sefran some more about it.

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