Octal FM episodes are concise dives into topics like talking to robots, visiting Japan, making coffee, diversity in tech and why Nintendo is awesome.

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We've released 2 episodes about Coronavirus:

107: Video Conferencing

In this episode we discuss the past, present & future of video conferencing, including our hot-take (known to be pretty accurate in the past) on what we think the future holds for communicating in a world of 5G, augmented reality, virtual reality, and that ever increasing march of faster Internet connections.

103: eSports revisited

In this episode we revisit the world of eSports, a topic that has been a bit of a recurring theme at Octal FM but we haven't properly revisited for a few years. In particular we discuss:

  • How eSports has grown since we last spoke about it.
  • How it has been affected by COVID-19.
  • What we think is next for the industry.

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