043: Nintendo vs. The Internet

In another ‘Octal FM are Nintendo fanboys’ episode, we take a look back at the often overlooked history of Nintendo and the Internet. It involves satellites beaming games down to a virtual village on your SNES.

Photo by Muband for Wikipedia

Intro/outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion & an old modem

042: A Mostly Harmless Episode

In this episode we tell the story of the Elite game series and our story of playing the original together back at school, and some bits about the space-sim genre as a whole.

Intro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion
Outro music: Strauss – Blue Danube

040: Putting our corporate hats on

In this episode we take a moment to be introspective and set ourselves some goals for the podcast for the next three months. Listen along, and hold us accountable!

  1. Increase our social presence by posting regular content, posting snippets of the show, and setting up an Instagram account.
  2. Grow the brand by getting some stickers printed, running Twitch streams, and reaching out to other podcasts to guest on.
  3. Get better at podcasting by sharing the editing, and producing a short show (coming soon!) to accompany the main show.

Intro/Outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion

037: Caffeinated

In this episode we try to be as un-snobby as possible, whilst talking about how to get into coffee as a hobby.

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Intro/Outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion