Octal FM episodes are concise dives into topics like talking to robots, visiting Japan, making coffee, diversity in tech and why Nintendo is awesome.

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036: Hey, Listen!

In this episode of Octal FM, we discuss our two favourite games from one of our favourite series of all time; The Legend of Zelda. Intro music: JACKS - Runaway fashion Outro music: Docjazz4, FunkyEntropy, Theophany and XPRTNovice for OCRemix - Dawn of a New Day *Affiliate links. Proceeds go to Octal FM upkeep.

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065: Revisiting the Wilds

In this episode, and to mark it turning two, we take a look back at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

003: The Best Ever - The Elder Scrolls

In this 'The Best Ever' episode, Jalada and Sefran try to agree on which game in The Elder Scrolls series is the best; Oblivion or Skyrim? Related reading from the show: IMDB page for Oblivion IMDB page for Skyrim Procedural terrain...