Octal FM episodes are concise dives into topics like talking to robots, visiting Japan, making coffee, diversity in tech and why Nintendo is awesome.

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We've released 21 episodes about Multiplayer games:

143: Counter-Strike; a retrospective

In our retrospective episodes we take a look at the mammoth multiplayer first-person shooter series that is Counter-Strike. We'll start right at the beginning with the beta mod, look at the troubled development of Condition Zero, where it's at now and our relationship with it. And finally add some classic Octal FM hot takes about the series' future.

120: Reconnecting with Death Stranding

Given that Death Stranding was one of Sefran's games of the decade and he raved about it so much, it was always going to be on Jalada's list to play. So in this episode, now Jalada has completed it, we discuss (with some spoilers) how we both feel about it.

097: Borderlands Retrospective

In this episode we take a deeper dive into the history of the Borderlands games.

093: Animal Isolation Island

We've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons whilst socially distancing, and so it's definitely about time for our hot take.

Sound-byte 036: Borderlands 3

Sound-bytes are our shorter episodes about what we've been up to recently. This week, Sefran has been playing Borderlands 3 co-op on the PS4.

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