Octal FM episodes are concise dives into topics like talking to robots, visiting Japan, making coffee, diversity in tech and why Nintendo is awesome.

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144: An introduction to Role-playing games

It's been a while since we last had a guest host join us; but today we're joined by Martyn for the first time. Martyn is a friend of the show and agreed to come on to discuss getting started with role-playing games. Not the video game ones, the real-life ones. We discuss how to get started, recommended games, different types of RP, DMing, LARPing, and more!

137: Upcoming Games of 2022

Welcome to the first proper episode of 2022! Toni is back with us to discuss games we're looking forward to in 2022. Maybe some of them will actually come out this year, who knows?!

127: Games that define genres - JRPGs

In a new recurring segment we break down the games that we feel define a genre. This time, we tackle JRPGs which aren't our speciality, so we brought Toni on to assist us!

Sound-byte 078: Hold on to your Fez

Sound-bytes are our shorter episodes about what we’ve been up to recently. We were recording a main show episode with Toni, and she stuck around for Sound-byte to tell us what she thought of Fez on the Nintendo Switch.

110: Games of 2020

In this episode we're joined by Toni to talk about the games we enjoyed playing in 2020.

We talked about a whole bunch of games:

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